Living United is Goal of the Albion-Homer United Way

Creating opportunities by living united is the goal of the Albion-Homer United Way. To accomplish this mission, AHUW provides for a healthy Albion-Homer community through local agency funding and creating a more efficient organization.

The first step in this effort was contracting with the Albion Community Foundation to provide back-office services which allows AHUW to focus on campaign fund raising and awarding grants in our communities. The agreement between AHUW and ACF keeps the two organizations separate, but local, in their working relationship.

This past year AHUW has funded six organizations that help accomplish its mission to provide “long-lasting changes that prevent problems” to help community members “live more whole lives-a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support family through retirement, and good health”. AHUW’s particular focus is on children’s education and health.

AHUW’s current grants support:

  • Healthy Babies Day

  • CISD Homer Strong Early Childhood Program

  • Albion District Library Early Childhood Literacy Project

  • Homer Community School Summer Band Program

  • Kids ‘N Stuff Free Day and Museums for All Program

  • Homer Township Library Early Childhood Literacy Project.

Marcia Starkey, Executive Director, said the kick-off the AHUW fall community campaign will support the goals of the organization and provide funding for selected agencies in Albion and Homer. Starkey said, “to live united means to inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow” in our communities.

AHUW board officers are Mike Culliver, president; Andrew Dunham, vice president; Pam Schuler, treasurer and Jason Cox, secretary. Board members are Carolyn Amos, Maurice Barnes, Art Kale, Patrick McLean, Scott Salow, Gary Tompkins and Shane Williamson.

Tim Krause